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In today’s fast-paced world, mobile phones are an indispensable part of our lives. They connect us to friends and family, keep us informed, and allow us to access a wide range of services and information. Vodafone, one of Ghana’s leading telecommunications providers, offers a plethora of shortcodes that make using their services more convenient and efficient. Whether you need to check your account balance, activate a bundle, or access specific services, Vodafone Ghana shortcodes will come in handy. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the essential Vodafone shortcodes you need to know in Ghana.

General Services

1. 100 – Call Centre: Need assistance or have questions? Dial 100 to reach Vodafone’s customer support.

2. *119*Number# then Send: Call Me Back: Out of credit and need to make a call urgently? Send a call-me-back request to another Vodafone user using this code.

3. 600 – Porting: Switching to Vodafone from another network? Use this code to initiate the porting process.

4. 175 – 050 Number Reservation (Text #book+space+the number to 175): Reserve a 050 number of your choice with this code.

5. 1080 – Access Code for Fixed Prepaid Lines: Manage your fixed prepaid line using this code.

6. *150# – Roaming Enquiry: Check roaming rates and information when travelling abroad.

7. *151# – VIS (Vodafone Information Service): Access a wide range of information services using this code.

8. *124# – Account Balance: Quickly check your account balance at any time.

9. *134*PIN# – Reload: Top up your account balance by entering the recharge code after the asterisk and PIN.

10. *484*1# – Reseller Balance: If you’re a reseller, use this code to check your balance.

11. *142# – Swipe Card Service Menu Access: Access the swipe card service menu for various options.

12. *126# – To Check Bundle Information: Check the details of your active bundles.

13. *127# – To Know your Mobile Number: Can’t remember your mobile number? Dial this code to retrieve it.

14. *127*11# – General News: Stay updated with general news and information.

Special Offers and Services

15. *200# – Vodafone Red Offer: Explore Vodafone’s Red offers and packages.

16. *505# – SOS Credit: Need emergency credit? Use this code to request SOS credit.

17. *700# – Vodafone Mobile Internet (Packages, Bundles, and More): Access information about Vodafone’s mobile internet packages and bundles.

18. *145# – Agent SIM Registration: Register an Agent SIM using this code.

19. *313# – Vodafone Live Radio: Enjoy Vodafone’s live radio services.

20. *404# – Deactivating from VF Mini Pack: Deactivate from the VF Mini Pack service using this code.

21. *900# – FBB Bill Payment and Balance Info: Manage your fixed broadband bill and check your balance.

22. *400# – To Check for Your SIM Registration: Verify the registration status of your SIM card.

23. *474# – Micro Payment: Make micropayments with ease.

24. *566# – Super Hour: Activate the Super Hour package for unlimited browsing and calls during the specified hour.

25. *543# – Vodafone Good Morning: Enjoy Vodafone’s Good Morning service.

26. *480# – Vodafone Unlimited Offers: Discover and activate Vodafone’s unlimited offers.

27. *110# – Vodafone Cash: Access Vodafone’s mobile money service.

28. *591# – Vodafone Cash Agent Helpline: Contact the Vodafone Cash Agent Helpline for assistance.

29. *510# – Agent Application Code: Use this code for agent application.

30. 558 – Register Vodafone Cash by sending “register” to shortcode: Register for Vodafone Cash by sending the word “register” to the specified shortcode.

31. *530# – Made For Me: Explore Vodafone’s Made For Me offers.

32. *533# – Yendi Agoro: Access Yendi Agoro services.

33. *565#Number For Life: Explore Vodafone’s Number For Life service.

34. *7070# – Vodafone Supreme: Access Vodafone Supreme offers.

35. *556# – Vodafone Vim Offers: Discover Vodafone Vim offers.

36. *5888# – Vodafone X: Explore Vodafone X offers and services.

37. ##21# or ##002# – Deactivate from VF Mini Pack: Deactivate from the VF Mini Pack service using these codes.

These Vodafone Ghana shortcodes are invaluable tools for Vodafone users in Ghana. Whether you need to manage your account, activate services, or access information, these codes simplify the process and make it more convenient. So, the next time you’re using your Vodafone mobile phone, keep this list handy for quick and easy access to the services you need. Stay connected with Vodafone’s extensive network and enjoy the convenience of these shortcodes!



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